Ariana Grande’s Bee Tattoo Has The Most Heartfelt Meaning

Plus 14 other iconic celebrity tattoos.

Thinking about going under the needle, but aren’t sure what sort of design you want? For inspiration, TZR rounded up 15 of the most iconic celebrity tattoos of all time, from Demi Lovato's emotional angel tattoo to Rihanna's goddess design. Check them all out, ahead. @ddlovato
Adele’s Saturn Tattoo

Adele has a tattoo of the second-biggest planet on her left wrist that symbolizes her “Saturn Return,” which, she told Vogue, is when she “lost the plot” of her life. “When [one’s Saturn Return] comes, it can rock your life,” she said. “It shakes you up a bit."

Rihanna’s Goddess Tattoo

The Fenty Beauty founder got a chest tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess Isis's wingspan in 2012 to pay tribute to her late grandmother. (For some more context, Isis was known as the goddess of motherhood.)

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Selena Gomez’s “Rare” Tattoo

Gomez paid a visit to Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy in 2020 to get “rare” — the name of her third studio album, and first beauty brand — tattooed on the right side of her neck.

Demi Lovato’s Angel Tattoo

This symbolic and intricately detailed tattoo is the work of Alessandro Capozzi. "We created this piece together to represent a rebirth of the spirit," the pro-inker wrote in a December 2019 Instagram post.

Angelina Jolie’s Coorindates Tattoo

Jolie famously has the exact coordinates of where all of her six children were born tattooed on her left arm.

Miley Cyrus’s Matisse Tattoo

The Disney Channel alum took to Instagram in March 2020 to show off a tattoo of a women’s nude silhouette, specifically an illustration from French artist Henri Matisse.

Scarlett Johansson’s Back Tattoo

The actor’s impossible-to-miss back tattoo stars a sitting lamb and a long vine of roses. The floral design might be a tribute to her daughter, Rose, but the Avengers star has yet to share her motivation for the design.

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Beyonce’s Vertical Dots Tattoo

Fans theorize that Queen Bey’s minimalist three-dotted finger tattoo — which she unveiled in 2017 — represents each one of her children.

Ariana Grande’s Bee Tattoo

The singer has a bee tattoo behind her left ear dedicated to the 22 victims of the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester. She posted an image of the design to Twitter in 2018, writing, “Thinking of you all today and every day.”

Lady Gaga’s David Bowie Tattoo

To celebrate the life of David Bowie, Lady Gaga got a design of the late singer’s face inked onto her left rib cage. She debuted it at the 2016 Grammys ahead of her highly anticipated tribute performance.

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Billie Eilish’s Fairies Tattoo

Eilish’s fairies hand tattoo is inspired by a book she read growing up — “a little fairy book called Fairyopolis," Eilish told Vanity Fair in December 2021. "They're like my little guardian angel fairies."

Christina Aguilera’s “Xtina” Tattoo

The music icon has her very own nickname, “Xtina,” tattooed on the back of her neck in large script — which she’s had since the early aughts.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Neck Tattoo

Hudgens’ first tattoo has a sentimental meaning. “It was very last minute, but I've actually wanted it for years,” she told David Letterman in 2011. “A butterfly landed on my mom’s stomach a week before I was born and that's how I got my name, because Vanessa means butterfly.”

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