Forget Flower Crowns — Bold Eye Makeup Is Coachella’s Reigning Celebrity Beauty Trend


For a certain set of stylish young stars, Coachella beauty demands more attention to detail and planning than their Met Gala look. Celebrity festival makeup is always colorful and fun, but the elaborateness of Coachella is in a league of its own. Ahead, some of the best inpso from recent years.

The unofficial queen of Coachella thanks to her always-excellent ensembles and contagious exuberance, Vanessa Hudgens’ festival makeup is always on-trend. In 2022, she took a modern approach to face gems, using them for a subtle halo effect above her baby blue eyeliner.@vanessahudgens
Rihanna, of course, has helped launch more trends than anyone, but her subtle pop of hot pink eyeliner and colored mascara in 2019 is an all-time great. Notably, the festival-ready makeup is paired with a polished, retro-inspired hairstyle — it helps ground the fun makeup.Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Hailey Bieber’s blue eyeliner, handful of baby braids, and electric yellow nails at Coachella 2022 was — at the time — a pretty major departure from her signature minimalist makeup. Since last year’s festival, Bieber seems inspired to experiment with even more colorful styles.@haileybieber
Rina Sawayama played, attended, and effectively ruled Coachella 2022 with what might be the coolest festival eye makeup ever. Her elongated cat eye incorporated several shades of blue as well as a constellation’s worth of purple face crystals, scattered to catch the light.@rinasonline
Minimalism has a place in festival makeup too, as proven by Gigi Hadid’s Day One look from Coachella 2019. Her warm-toned liquid lipstick and matching eyeshadow help put even more focus on her bright two-piece set and dozens of rainbow-colored accessories.@gigihadid
Lizzo’s hot-pink makeup — and matching Gucci barrettes — at Coachella 2022 gave fans a hint at what she’d later wear on her global Special Tour. Both her music festival and concert looks favor bright, monochrome shades that coordinate blush, lip color, and eye makeup.@lizzobeeating
Naturally, Billie Eilish arrived at Coachella not in traditional happy-go-lucky festival makeup, but rather her trademark waterline eyeliner and pale pink blush. Though antithetical to most Coachella looks, the headliner stayed true to her personal style — which is always a win.@billieeilish
As for Megan Thee Stallion’s personal style, though, it’s all about color and campy motifs. The Grammy-winner and Coachella headliner veteran got playful at the 2022 festival, traipsing through the desert with matching baby pink eye makeup, nails, and split-dye ponytail.@theestallion
Haus Labs founder Lady Gaga is practically synonymous with elaborate makeup. Her 2017 Coachella appearance lived up to the hype for several reasons, her highly-detailed cheek designs and purple eyeliner being one of them.@ladygaga
Halsey is another Coachella performer who parlayed her love of bold on-stage makeup into a business venture. Even before launching her About-Face makeup line, Halsey’s glittery blue and yellow festival makeup at Coachella 2019 proved her brilliant eye for color pairings and combinations.@dendoll

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