The ‘Barbie’ Movie Cast Photos Are Here & The Looks Are Pure Camp

*Everyone* is in this.


With the Barbie movie’s July 21 premiere date looming, fans are slowly getting all the details, including in-character portraits of the film’s stars. The Barbie movie cast’s hair and makeup are even more colorful and excitingly doll-like than expected — and set to spark some summer beauty trends.

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Of course, Margot Robbie stars as the titular Barbie. Interestingly, her portrayal seems to be an aesthetic amalgamation of every iconic Barbie era, including fluffy ‘80s bangs, her ‘50s striped swimsuit worn by the original doll, and glossy, bright pink lipstick.@barbiethemovie
Issa Rae’s President Barbie heads up the most glamorous administration ever, with her long, cascading curls and major eyelashes. The bronzy, glittery eyeshadow peeking out from behind her falsies and matching lipstick is perfect for the White House — or possibly (hopefully!) the Pink House?@barbiethemovie
Dua Lipa’s casting was totally shrouded in mystery, but it was worth it for this big reveal. Lipa’s playing a Barbie World mermaid, complete with ocean-blue beach waves and matching azure eyeshadow. Rumor has it she’ll be contributing some original songs to the soundtrack, too.@barbiethemovie
America Ferrera is the first in-movie human here so far, but her looks is no less glamorous or pinkified. Her glossy curls are voluminous and defined as usual, while her minimalist makeup focuses on petal-pink tones in her eyes, cheeks, and lips.@barbiethemovie
Helen Mirren’s another human in the film, though it’s unclear if she’s actually appearing in corporal form or an unseen simply narrating. The Barbie movie teaser trailer features her distinct voice setting out the premise, but her yellow hair scarf and poppy-red lipstick deserve real screen time. @barbiethemovie
The brilliant Hari Nef’s role in the film is finally revealed — she’s Doctor Barbie, and her playful smirk in the character poster is enough to make you wish July 21 were tomorrow. Nef’s very of-the-moment red hair — not to mention the flowers placed throughout — is begging for IRL recreation.@barbiethemovie
Based on Kate McKinnon’s face scribbles, anatomy-defying leg bends, and a pixie cut so choppy it’s surely the work of kid-friendly safety scissors, it looks like her Barbie is very...well loved. McKinnon is one-part Barbie, one-part Cynthia from Rugrats.@barbiethemovie
Nicola Coughlan’s puffy prom sleeves and classic Old Hollywood curls are obviously standard uniform for Diplomat Barbie. Out to solve all sorts of international kerfuffles with her poise and hot pink lipstick, she could be the one to finally broker world peace.@barbiethemovie
Reporting live on all things Barbie World, Ritu Arya’s Broadcaster Barbie asks the tough questions — but does it all with impossibly shiny waist-length hair. She’s one of the few Barbies to avoid ‘80s beauty styles, though her outfit is a true classic.@barbiethemovie
Speaking of ‘80s, Sharon Rooney’s Lawyer Barbie can’t resist a voluminous, permed half-ponytail and fluffy bangs, though her periwinkle power suit could win any case.@barbiethemovie
Alexandra Shipp plays Author Barbie in the new movie, and her all-over curls are enough reason to go see it opening weekend. @barbiethemovie
Micro-bangs are already having a moment, but Ana Cruz Kayne’s set in the Barbie movie could put the trend over the edge. Paired with a perky ponytail, she’s ready to take on the judicial system.@barbiethemovie

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