The Octopus Haircut Is The Modern Day ‘Rachel’ — But Even Cooler

Celebs love it, too.

Even if you’re not a fan of Friends, you’re likely aware of the impact of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut on the show — aka, “The Rachel.” Named for Aniston’s bubbly, coffee-pouring character, The Rachel haircut spawned a million copycats looking to recreate the short, choppy look.Ron Davis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Today, the trendy cut has reemerged as the “octopus haircut,” a layered style that incorporates tons of volume and layers, resembling the silhouette of an octopus’ tentacles. Looking for your own modern-day “Rachel?” Keep reading for more inspo.


This voluminous look on Hailey Bieber may be from the archives (aka, 2016), but it’s as stunning as ever. Her choppy, face-framing layers make this cut so fun and youthful-looking.


This take on the octopus cut is thinned out on the bottom with wispy, face-framing bangs, giving the look lots of movement and dimension.


Selena Gomez took the cut to the next level by adding bangs. Here, they’re slightly curled under, giving even more volume to this shoulder-length style.


Billie Eilish shocked the world by going bleached blonde, but her octopus chop also made quite an impression. This style is a bit longer than “The Rachel”, but still has the same effortless vibe.


Want to amp up your bob haircut? This angled cut takes things to new heights — literally.


Yes — curly hair types can get in on the octopus trend, too, as proven by Yara Shahidi.


Complete with money piece highlights, this cut truly makes you feel like you’ve time travelled back to the ‘90s.


Kaia Gerber is a fan of the octopus cut, opting for softer layers and wispy curtain bangs.

Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus’ take on The Rachel might be more mullet than octopus cut, but what else could you expect from a pop-rock star?


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