PSA: Acrylic Nails Don’t Have To Be Long To Stand Out

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by Natasha Marsh
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Acrylic nails are the move for long-lasting nails with minimal wear and tear. And although they are mostly associated with dramatic length, they can be just as elegant when short. From fun French tips to pattern-filled prints, ahead, seven short acrylic nails to inspire your next appointment. @nailsdonewright
Negative Space

An ode to the minimalist lover, simple fine white lines are one of the easiest ways to elevate your short acrylic manicure. Opt to layer lines over nude nails or go bold and choose a wine red or emerald green to play into the festive season.

Round It Out

Looking for something classic yet elevated? Look no further than a rounded nude manicure. Make sure to invest in good cuticle oil to keep the nails conditioned and hydrated.

Mix & Match

Can’t decide which color to go with? Why not mix it up with a variety of shades? This is a great way to test drive several color trends at once.

Ying & Yang

Ying and yang is the perfect symbol to sport on nails, no matter the season. To achieve at home: apply primer and create a squiggle down the center of your nail with a brush or dot tool, and then fill in each side of the nail with a different shade and add opposing dots.

Holiday Sparkle

If holiday movies, ice skating, hot chocolate, and mulled wine excite you, why not take that same cheer and apply it to your nails. If doing this multi-finish look at home, make sure to grab a top coat to seal in the design.

Pattern Play

Let’s face it, nail art is not going anywhere. The combination of acrylics and poppy nail prints makes for a striking masterpiece of a manicure. Feel free to experiment with different colors and patterns for a look that really resonates with your personality.

Metallic French Tip

Nothing is more universal than a French tip, and gilded edges make for a great look for upcoming holiday parties.


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