Rainbow Hair Color Ideas For Those Ready To Try Out The Trend

Because just one color is *so* last year.


Rainbow hair color ideas are taking over social feeds, one celebrity, influencer, and artist at a time. It’s not hard to see why, either — why wear just one eye-catching shade when you can wear an entire rainbow?


All-Over Color

Previously, we saw the “Closer” singer sneak bits of rainbow into her bangs, and center part, but this prismatic lob is, in the words of celebrity colorist Martin-Christopher Harper, “just living for playtime.”


Faded Ombré

Kylie Jenner switches up her hair color so often, it says a lot that these pastel rainbow braids from a few years ago are still dominating mood boards and Pinterests around the world.


Face-Framing Color

Purveyor of all things hot, Megan Thee Stallion amped up her neon purple wig with delicately blended rainbow pieces, colored by Kellon Deryck, her go-to guru.


Refracted Rainbow

Thinking of going platinum and looking for the most double-take-inducing hair ever? This barely there prism color, tucked right against the roots in the center of hair, mimics the look of refraction for color.


Rainbow Brite

Not even advanced pregnancy could stop Cardi B from donning the most eye-catching primary colors in her ultra-long hair for a look that’s one part fairy princess, one part My Little Pony.


Two-Tone Unicorn

With just two colors, neon orange and magenta, Alicia Keys transformed her hair into the best summer party ever. No stranger to the rainbow look, she’s worked this two-toned look before, test-driving shades of blue, purple, and pink — and they all suit her, of course.


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