Foil Nails Are Officially The Coolest Minimalist Nail Art Trend For Winter

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by Natasha Marsh
What better way to prepare for the impending freezing temps (after outerwear, of course) than a new manicure? And not just any manicure, but one that is festive and elegant, like nail designs with gems and other chic embellishments. Ahead, discover seven options of nail art designs to try out this winter.@phreshnailss
Crystal French

Pair your favorite New Year’s Eve dress with some nail polish and gems to match. A crystal French manicure is perfect for holiday parties and beyond. Plus, the reverse side of the rhinestone is flat so it makes gluing the gem to your nail a lot easier if you’re taking the DIY route.

‘70s Made Me

Get in on the ‘70s fashion trend, but with your nails. The swirls and matcha green color pop are sure to bring joy when you’re bundled up commuting to holiday parties.

One Is Plenty

Sometimes less is more. And that is definitely the case with this nail design with gems manicure, where two accent nails meet bare nails. As a tip: since nails are on full display and exposed, don’t forget to invest in a good cuticle oil.

Drop The Ball

Although it might not seem like it, 2022 is around the corner. Prepare for a confetti-filled bash with matching nails that will add sparkle to the rest of your year.

Put Some Foil On It

A single holographic foil stripe is like jewelry for your nails. Not to mention it helps to make your nails look extra long.

Matte Or Bust

Not only does a matte finish make nails stronger and extra durable, but paired with 3D sparkle dust, and it’s the perfect winter mani.

Ombre All Over

Why wear one glitter polish when you can wear two? Turn heads at holiday events with a duo of sparkly shades perfect for the winter. Don’t forget to put a top coat on this one for long staying power.


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