The 9 Best Jelly Nail Looks To Try ASAP This Summer

So ‘90s.

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Haven’t you heard, folks? The jelly nail trend is officially back for 2021, and as per usual, there’s an avalanche of inspiration courtesy of the countless wonderfully talented artists on Instagram. Ahead, feast your eyes on some of the best jelly-style manicures to try this summertime and beyond.


Clear Sparkles

Not big on color? Try this super chic translucent jelly look, which features micro-glitter particles for a fun little touch of glitz and glamour.

Rainbow Ombré

This technicolor ombré manicure is pure magic. If you’re a fan of bold, bright nails and fun flashes of color, definitely consider trying your hand at this design.

Multi-Colored + Mismatched

With its abstract feel and meticulously placed pearl accents, this jelly mani is a true work of art. If you have the patience and a steady hand, definitely give this one a go.

Mismatched Jelly

Dare to break outside your comfort zone with a super-cool mismatched manicure like this one, which features cheetah print, floral, and butterfly designs. Not sure you can master a butterfly on your own? Try a nail sticker like this one from Amazon.

Sailor Moon-Inspired

Calling all Sailor Moon super fans: This rainbow look inspired by the iconic Japanese show is 100% for you. Pro tip: Get your hands on a fine line brush to help you create clean, precise shapes.

Metallic Tips

Go ultra-glam with metallic gold jelly tips. Believe it or not, this gradient design is actually pretty easy to DIY, so long as you have the right tools. This jelly polish brand sold on Amazon will have you covered.

Neon Marble

This dreamy manicure features a high-voltage marble design on top of clear jelly acrylics with sparkles galore. These jelly, glitter-flecked press-ons from Kiss can help you achieve a similar feel — then just add your marble detailing on top.

Technicolor French Tips

Keep it sweet and simple with a cute jelly-themed take on the classic French manicure. You can keep your tips all one color — or spice it up and make them rainbow.

Lime Green + Abstract

Go big or go home with this graphic lime green design. The electric color and abstract feel make this jelly manicure a major head-turner.


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