You Have To Add A Braid To Your Next Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Best of both worlds.

@ alexandredeparis_official

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are already the ultimate combination of form and function. But once you add in a braid (or several of them, for that matter), your entire look is instantly elevated. Browse this library of half-up half-down braids inspo for a glimpse into the endless possibilities.


A partially pulled-back pony puts the spotlight on your face while allowing for plenty of movement, and length, and to show off your part. It’s sporty, it’s chic, and it’s a pretty quick styling job for busier days. @amxndakali
A half-up braided ‘do doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your natural texture flow and simply wrap two baby braids around your head from either direction. Fasten it with a fun enamel clip or pretty silk scarf as a trend-forward bonus, too.@amberfillerup
A loose braid adds another effortless element to your look, especially a large, voluminous one. If starting with a limp braid is too tricky, braid as usual and then tug at the braid’s loops to loosen it up manually.@alexandredeparis_official
Combine the elements of a fully down hairstyle, an elegant ballerina bun, and a fashionable ponytail with a true hybrid look like Gabrielle Union’s. Perfect for a major event like a wedding or birthday, it’s out of your face while looking impossibly sophisticated. @gabunion
For some summer-perfect boho glamour, incorporate all different sorts of braids and twists into your half-up, half-down look. Arrange the larger pieces across your scalp for an utterly captivating combination.@eularaasheleey
Crown yourself with a thick, horizontal braid Rapunzel herself would approve of. Lana Condor’s version features one thick crown braid just above her baby hairs, allowing the rest of her hair to cascade in gentle, glossy waves down her side. @lanacondor
Nothing says summer like a fishtail braid — and adding one to half-down hair is even easier than one big fishtail, too. Add in even more beach-friendly appeal by spritzing a sea salt spray for tousled, back-from-vacation waves. @pagebeauty
So elegant for a big evening, curled braids bring to life old-school glamour that can elevate any outfit. Wrap some of your smaller half-down braids around a 1-inch curling iron and prepare to be amazed.@amika / @skinl0ve
Another easy go-to for occasions when you really want to stand out, a classic half-back braid looks more complicated than it really is — which means it’s sure to impress. Consider weaving some tiny flowers or vines through the braid for an ethereal finish. @hairbysel
Pigtails are having a real moment. Get in on the fun with a half-up version that builds off two thick pigtail braids only to explode into lush, glossy curls the rest of the way down. Plus, pigtails mean the perfect opportunity to show off a party-ready hair part. tanisha.styles

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