10 Must-Try Hairstyles If You Have Long Natural Hair

Perfect for Summer.

Rocking natural hair down or in a ‘fro is always nice, but sometimes you want to switch it up. If you’re on the hunt for some new ways to style your long natural hair, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, discover 10 hairstyles for long natural hair to try this summer. @naturalblackgirliee_
Face-framing Braids

Add a bit of whimsical romance by adding micro braids to frame your face. Take it up a notch by adding braided pig-tails on each side to get even more of your hair out of your face.

The High-Pony

If you want a simple way to beat the summer heat, you can never go wrong with a high-pony — gets all your hair out the way in the cutest way possible.

Twists and Beads

Looking for a hairstyle that’s long-lasting? Twists are always the way to go. Add some interest to the look by adding multi-colored beads.

Hair Scarf

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Add a cute headband or hair wrap and leave curls out at the front to frame your face.

The Claw-Clip

The ultimate “It’s hot and I want my hair out of my face hairstyle” is the claw-clip. If you find that your hair is too voluminous to fit in the clip, try styling your hair in small twists before you put it up.

Zig Zag Cornrow Braids

If you wanna another take on the face-framing braids, try adding bubble-braids to the look. Accessorizing with some beads can never hurt.

Half Up Half Down

A great way to play around with the length of your hair is sectioning off a bit to go up and leaving the rest down — it creates a cute look thats equal parts convenient and stylish.

Side Part

Start-off simple by switching your part. If you’re used to wearing a middle part, try pushing your hair to the side for some added volume.


Afro-puffs are the perfect up-do for summer. Add a bit of fun by twisting the front sections of your hair or some hair jewelry, and you’re good to go.

The Slick-Back Puff

If you really want to let your natural texture shine, try slicking your hair back into a mid or low pony tail and leaving your hair in a puff at the back.

Stress-Free Curls

When in doubt, leave your hair down and tension free.