Here’s How To Wear Crystal Eye Makeup For The Ultimate Main Character Moment

Shine bright like a rhinestone.


While glitters and glosses go a long way, the most mesmerizing way to highlight the eyes is with well-placed crystals. For advanced artists and newbies alike, read on for all the crystal eye makeup inspo you’ll need for a sparkling spring.

If the idea of eye makeup crystal constellations still feels challenging, there are plenty of ways to get a more subtle version of the look. Use smaller crystals to deposit shine in the inner and outermost corners of your eyes for a lengthening effect only heightened by a cut crease or liner.@gloriabustosmakeup
Speaking of liner, one of the easiest crystal eye makeup hacks is to split your liner with them. Leave the inner or outer half of your (preferably dramatic) eyeliner blank to fill in with crystals of any color, adhering them with eyelid-friendly lash glue.@puig.makeup
Considering Euphoria kicked off much of the crystal makeup craze, it’s only fitting to include this rhinestone-studded eyebrow moment that makes as big a splash IRL as it did on the show. For a more low-key twist, opt for deeper crystals to match your brows.@alexademiem
Scattering crystals just above the crease, especially when they’re spaced out, creates a literal halo effect that illuminates the eyes and even emphasizes the arch of your brows. Easy to pair with any eyeshadow color — this is one to try this Saturday.@welcometoamaratv
For those who love to play with color and detailed designs, a monochrome moment is seriously striking. Pick out different-sized crystals from the same color palette as your eyeshadow, and use them to build the coolest Candyland eye look.@theballerinabridemua
An old makeup trick artists swear by is placing a tiny white dot of eyeliner in the center of the lower lash line to make eyes look larger — that same principle applies with rhinestone and pearls, only to an even more extreme (and arguably cooler) degree. @softbrowngirl
Of course, legendary diva J.Lo is getting in on the opulent trend, too, and this music video makeup by Mary Phillips is spectacular. The bulk of the crystals is concentrated around Lopez’s inner corner for major shine and a brightening boost.@dimitrishair
Though you mostly see smaller crystals used in makeup, these larger stones look like angel wings when applied. The gemstone look comes in every imaginable color, but clear always gives a glamorously melancholy vibe that’s just irresistible. @olgadann
In this look, there are just three tiny rhinestones on either side as part of the actual eye makeup look itself, but thanks to the crystal-covered hair, it all blends together in one chic, shimmering swirl for a maximumly glistening effect.@charsolitty
Sometimes, one well-placed crystal is all you need to make a serious splash. In this look, a single diamond-shaped rhinestone adds gloss and focus to the eyes while allowing the eyeshadow shade to get some glory, too. shenna.he
Concentrating the crystals around the upper portion of the eye — while leaving one center-placed jewel in the lower lash line — brightens, lifts, and accentuates. But placed over a cool Y2K-favorite shade like powder blue or baby pink and it becomes music video-worthy.@kensnation