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Editors Swear By This Roll-On Highlighter For The Ideal Dewy Glow

Plus, 10 other products Team TZR is loving.


Join TZR editors for Main Squeeze, the series dedicated to sharing beloved beauty products be they bold, effective, or simply fun that make our week just a little bit better.

Kate Somerville
DeliKate Recovery Cream
“Blame it on seasonal allergies, winter chill, or my multi-climate travel schedule, but my face has been dry. Like, really dry. This recovery cream does wonders for my stressed-out skin. It's lightweight, hydrating, and makes my face feel baby-soft." —Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer, TZR
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“Winter skin is real, especially in New York. While my skin care routine adds hydration to my dull skin, I still need extra help to achieve that natural, glow-from-within look. This highlighter does that with no sparkles or shimmer, the perfect glaze for dewy skin.” —Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief, TZR
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“My lips take a beating during the winter and get especially cracked and dry as the chill sets in. This iconic and yummy lip scrub is a true savior as it sloughs away dead skin to keep my lips smooth and soft all season long.” —Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR
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David Mallet
Pure Shampoo
“While I respect the sensorial experience scented shampoos and conditioners add to wash day, I find many to be too overpowering. That's why I've been loving this gentle, hydrating, scent-free duo from fashion-favorite hairstylist David Mallett's eponymous line.” —Erin Lukas, deputy beauty editor, TZR
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The Neck Serum
“As a notorious side-sleeper (I know, I know), creases along my neck and chest are deepening every week. Nécessaire's peptide-rich neck serum is my saving grace. I've been using it twice a day, mixed with a little retinol at night, for a compounded smoothing effect.” —Amanda Ross, beauty editor, TZR
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“My skin is perpetually dry, so I'm always on the look out for smoothing products for my body care routine. Lately, I’ve been enjoying this scrub from La Perla Beauty. It removes dead skin cells, but feels nourishing thanks to the added sweet almond oil.” —Valerie Stepanova, fashion news writer, BDG
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“I love using an overnight sleeping mask in the wintertime and this one from Laneige is part of my nightly routine. The product keeps my skin hydrated while I get my Zzzs and the formula does not rub off onto my pillow. (A plus!)” —Marina Liao, senior fashion news editor, TZR
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“I have sensitive skin, so I try to keep my routine pretty simple. While all of The Outset products have worked wonders, the Prep Serum is a real standout. It makes my face glow (even under makeup) and leaves my skin feeling soft and bouncy.” —Maggie Haddad, Senior Social Media Strategist, TZR
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“As a longtime Skin Food fan, I knew I had to try Weleda's new day cream right away — and it did not disappoint. It's lighter than the original but still leaves my winter skin feeling silky thanks to ingredients like chamomile and squalene.” —Ariel Bielsky, Fashion Bookings & Production Manager, BDG
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“This lip mask has a lot of hype, but it works wonders for my dry winter skin. Overnight, it hydrates and plumps lips, but is also great for when I need more moisture. Lately, I've been slathering some on while I do my makeup for a smooth lipstick base.” —Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR
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