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5 TZR Contributors Share Their Summer Skin-Care Secrets

By Marissa Oliva

There’s a certain ease that often comes with summertime. Maybe it’s the warm sun; maybe it’s the fresh air breezing above rooftops and in backyards. It’s the season to hopefully loosen up and dial down some stress, and that should go for your beauty routine, too. In partnership with Australian Gold, we turned to our resident skin-care pros for their secret techniques and go-to products for max gorgeousness with bare-minimum effort. Snag their simple, effective tricks — then enjoy all that extra time you’ll get back from skipping the multi-step routine.

Enhance Your Sun Protection

"During the summer, I try to capture the essence of vacation as much as possible. That includes using skin-care products that work double duty with SPF and glow. Since I'm already slathering on sunscreen from head to toe, I love getting even more out of it with formulas that contain shimmer, shine, or a tint of bronze. The Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel Sunscreen With Instant Bronzer is perfect for that. It provides the UV protection I'm looking for while adding a subtle, coconut-scented glow to my skin. A nice bonus is that it also nourishes with moisturizing oils and protective antioxidants."

Create Fresh-Faced Radiance

"I like to lighten up my makeup during the summer, so I opt for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen instead of my usual base. It provides all the hydrating benefits of a moisturizer, the UV protection of an SPF, and a hint of color that's just enough to even out my skin. No worries if you don’t have one, though — you can easily make your own by mixing a few drops of an SPF moisturizer into your favorite liquid foundation."

Up Your Water Intake

"I have a little one, so I'm always looking for new ways to entertain her on the weekends. That involves bouncing from city park to city park, so I always have a diaper bag packed with essentials. No matter what, you'll always find a big bottle of SPF 50 mineral sunscreen — perfect for sensitive skin — and a huge bottle of water. It’s so easy to get dehydrated when it’s hot out, and drinking a ton of water helps combat that. Plus, it makes my skin naturally dewy, soft, and plump, and who doesn’t want that?!"

"I love to keep my skin extra hydrated by applying raw aloe directly to my face and neck and letting it sit overnight. Then, I rinse it off in the morning. To protect and cool my face from overheating during the day, I always carry sunglasses and a fan. Another tip is increasing the number of fruits and vegetables into my diet — specifically blueberries, melons, cucumbers, and bell peppers. They provide essential vitamins to boost that glow."

Hack Your Tan

"I love looking tan in the summer, but I don't like exposing my skin to the sun. To compromise, I use a gradual self-tanner. I'll rub the formula all over my dry skin, allow it to sink in, then layer plain body lotion on top for softness. And whenever I’m outside, I use sunscreen with a tint of bronze in it, like Australian Gold’s SPF 15 Continuous Spray Sunscreen With Instant Bronzer. Both deliver a warm, golden hue that totally passes as a 'real' tan. Truly my best kept summer skin-care secrets!"

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