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10 Travel Essentials Fashion Girls Swear By

The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time for traveling. Between rushing to wrap up year-end projects and completing last-minute shopping before setting that out-of-office automatic reply, it’s difficult to ensure you have everything you need…
By Amy Lee

13 Beauty Essentials That Make Traveling Easier

Even the most experienced jetsetters find selecting which makeup and skincare products to pack a cumbersome challenge. When luggage space is not on your side, it’s an endless back-and-forth elimination game of sacrificing one for another. Basically,…
By Amy Lee

Rachel Zoe’s Winter Travel Essentials

Rachel Zoe has airport style down to a science, mainly because she spends an inordinate amount of time jet-setting across the globe. Boarding a flight requires an extremely tight edit—regardless of how fabulous your accoutrements may be. Here,…
By Shannon Nash

Rachel Zoe’s Travel Beauty Essentials

When you board an international flight, one thing is for sure: A stash of beauty products is 100% essential in the battle against dehydration. When Rachel Zoe jetted to Australia last week (each leg was over 14 hours!), we took this opportunity to…
By Shannon Nash

Supermodel Hilary Rhoda’s Summer Travel Essentials

As a seasoned supermodel who’s frequently globe-trotting for her career, Hilary Rhoda is the ideal woman to school us on how to travel in style. With a freshly launched swim and resortwear collaboration with Solid & Striped, this beach babe has made…
By Kristi Mikesky

Travel Necessities: 12 Beauty Essentials To Pack For The Holiday Weekend

Are you the type of girl who takes 2 gigantic suitcases to go out of town for one weekend? Well, don’t let your beauty routine add to the problem. We curated the 12 essential beauty products you need to get you through your weekend beautifully—…
By Stephanie Montes

Travel Essentials: Margo And Me’s Paris Packing List

The City of Light (a.k.a. Instagram heaven, a.k.a. Paris) is the ultimate chic weekend getaway and always a recipe for romance. Today Jenny Bernheim from the blog Margo And Me shares some snaps and packing tips from her recent trip to the European…
By Megan Gustashaw

Travel Essentials: Sam Hutchinson’s Morocco Packing List

A magical spring break destination if there ever was one, Morocco attracts stylish visitors far and wide thanks to its vibrant markets, beautiful beaches and delicious food. Today, Sam Hutchinson of the blog Could I Have That? shares her packing…
By Megan Gustashaw

Travel Essentials: Kat Tanita’s Africa Packing List

Kat Tanita, the ultra-chic blogger behind With Love From Kat, shares a few snapshots from her current travels to the island of Mauritius along with the must-have items she packed for the trip. From a festive fringe bikini and do-it-all printed scarf…
By Megan Gustashaw

10 Travel-Friendly Bath Essentials

Packing your bags for a much-needed getaway this holiday season? Assure your jet-setting plans don’t interfere with the well-being of your skin by shopping ten of our favorite pint-sized products and travel-friendly treatments that will provide you…
By Jennifer Ash

Spotlight: Travel-Friendly Beauty Essentials

The summer season is in full force and that means one thing— vacation! No matter where you’ve chosen for your getaway, you’ll need a chic selection of flight-friendly products to see you through your travels. Thanks to our friends at Birchbox, we’ve…
By The Zoe Report

Vacation Essentials: Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe Shares Her Travel Tips

By Tyler Love

Vacation Essentials: ELLE’s Accessory Director Shares Her Travel Picks

By The Zoe Report