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The Foolproof Bronzer Technique That Gives You The Perfect Glow

We think we can all agree that nothing beats a softly contoured face with a radiant glow. Giving off that naturally-sculpted effect is fairly easy for anyone, even makeup beginners. One of our favorite makeup tricks in the book is the classic figure…
By Andrea Marie

7 Tech Gifts So Cool You’ll Want Them For Yourself

You really can’t go wrong when gifting, except when, of course, you do. (Mom, we don’t need any more Cucumber & Melon Bath & Body Works products, but thank you.) One genre of gift specifically difficult to mess up, however, is the gadgets and gizmos…
By Erin Nicole

All Your Tech Questions, Answered

We have to be honest—there are very basic things we still do not know how to do when it comes to our computers. While our two-year-old nieces and nephews intuitively know how to launch nuclear weapons (or, you know, swipe left on a photo), we still…
By Erin Nicole

This High-Tech Pore Vacuum Will Suck Out Your Blackheads Better Than a Pore Strip

There’s a weird enjoyment that comes from using pore strips and examining all the gunk they yank out of your skin. It’s strangely fascinating. Sadly, pore strips are not great for your skin’s health (apparently, that whole stick-and-rip mechanism…
By Allure

It’s Official: This ’80s Contouring Technique Is Back And Better Than Ever

Draping (verb): a contouring technique credited to makeup artist Way Bandy that involves sculpting your facial features with blush. You might remember reading about it this summer when Marc Jacobs launched his Air Blush Soft Glow Duo and, in a…
By Allure

Techy Gifts For The Modern Beauty Maven

In today’s world of smartphones and wearable technology, a true beauty junkie would be less than impressed to receive yet another bath set. This year, give the gift that keeps on giving: High-tech beauty gadgets that promise to change any morning…
By Stephanie Montes

16 Of The Most Stylish Tech Gifts

Some people prefer shoes as presents, while others lust after the latest and greatest gadgets. If you are struggling to figure out what to get your most tech-savvy friend this holiday season, we are here to guide you with gifts that are so cute, you…
By Lauren Eggertsen

7 Tech Accessories Every Stylish Student Should Own

Regardless of whether you’re still in school or graduated around the time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, you’re always going to need a few necessary tech accessories to get you through a typical school or work day. And since we so strongly…
By Jennifer Ash

Behold, The World’s Most Glamorous Tech Gadgets Ever

Chances are your budget doesn’t support a $58,000, 24-karat gold Nikon camera or a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch. Short of a woman referred to simply as Bey and European royals, whose does? That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a little aspirational eye…
By Jennifer Ash

Chanel’s Latest Collection Is A Technicolor Dream

Today in Seoul, South Korea, Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanel’s Resort 2016 collection in a technicolor parade consisting of a whopping 95 runway looks. The spectacular show had a playful mood with a runway that looked like the game of Twister and…
By Shannon Nash

3 Eye Makeup Techniques For Every Occasion

Launching today, Charlotte Tilbury’s new Eyes to Mesmerise line of cream eyeshadows are super easy to apply, making them the perfect solution for the all-too-frequent predicament of being in a rush while frantically trying to put on makeup. Since…
By Shannon Nash

Wearable Tech, Decoded

Let’s be honest, wearable tech has been pretty unappealing to the discerning fashion girl thus far. But with a new crop of offerings featuring snakeskin wristbands, sapphire touch screens and intricate gold fretwork, it seems the technology tide is…
By Nicky Deam

Electric Tech: 6 Ultra-Cool Upgrades For Spring

Let angular cuts, geometric designs and ultra-cool graphics take over your tech arsenal with these six fresh finds. Kaleidoscopic Case Haute Headphones Patent Laptop Case Chic Speaker Geometric iPhone Sleeve Python Tablet Pouch
By Jennifer Ash

Dress Up Your Tech For Summer

Chances are you have your summer wardrobe in check, but what about your tech? Give your devices a cool update with these groovy cases, and you’ll be psyched to flaunt them as you text and read poolside.
By The Zoe Report

Dress Up Your Tech

Chances are, your computer is one of your most cherished possessions. So, why not treat it as such by clothing it in a pretty printed case. Mary Katrantzou has a few delightful options to swoon over! Offering leather padded protection from all…
By The Zoe Report

Hi-tech Tune Up

Confession: as proud gadget geeks, when we find ourselves in need of a little pick-me-up, we’ve been known to forgo our usual age-fighting creams and serums in favor of some hi-tech help. Our newest electronic obsession, the NuFace Trinity is a…
By The Zoe Report

Tech On Deck

Danielle, Though fashion will always be our first love, we also happen to be total gadget freaks too. Thus, seeking out the latest and greatest innovations the tech world has to offer was a piece of cake. Whether it’s a pair of studio quality…
By The Zoe Report

Tech Trendy

If you are reading this, chances are you are a true fashionista with a go-to classic day bag, elegant evening clutch and an assortment of other cool satchels to your name, but what about a stylish computer case? Now that we all carry our laptop…
By The Zoe Report

Technicolor Housecoat

I know many of you are probably celebrating Christmas Eve traditionally clad in a comfy robe, so I thought it the perfect time to share my favorite housecoat with you—Missoni Home’s Bathrobe. Between its cozy cotton fabric and Missoni signature…
By The Zoe Report