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The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Vacation Packing

There’s nothing more exciting than embarking on that summer vacation you’ve been meticulously planning (and waiting for) all year long. You know where you’re staying, the sights you just have to see and the restaurants you can’t wait to try. The…
By Julia Weiner

Rachel Zoe Shares Her Genius Packing Tricks

Rachel shares the tips and tricks every fashion girl should know when packing for a getaway. Watch the video below to hear RZ chat about her love of pouches, the importance of travel-sized beauty fragrances and how to make your accessories work…
By Julia Weiner

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Packing On The PDA, So Clearly This Is A Thing

Updated November 16, 2017: If the hand-holding, bike-riding and blatant canoodling (yes, we used that word) weren’t enough proof, we now have a smooch. Oh yes, Selena and Justin were seen packing on the PDA at the Biebs’ hockey game yesterday and…
By Samantha McDonald

10 Packing Hacks Fashion Girls Swear By For Weekend Getaways

Summer calls for penciling in as many weekend plans as you can. Whether you’re jaunting off on a mini exotic vacation or a quick getaway to the country, the last thing you want to do is stress about what to bring. To help you streamline your load…
By Amy Lee

5 Packing Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

It’s no secret a woman’s mind can be a complicated place, but for many of us that is never more true than when engaging in one of the most difficult of all tasks: packing. The process of pulling clothes and then folding, rolling and contorting them…
By Sari Anne Tuschman

The Beauty Junkie’s Travel Guide To Packing Her Vanity

It’s that time of year when many of us make the pilgrimage home for the holidays. No matter your exact travel plans, one thing we can all agree on is that packing can be quite stress-inducing and overwhelming. As beauty aficionados it’s a dream to…
By Andrea Marie

Vacation Essentials Every Stylish Girl Is Packing

Your state of mind is on summer vacay, and your wardrobe should follow suit—we’re talking laid-back yet totally chic. Whether you’re beach-bound for the weekend or headed to a far-flung exotic locale, you’ll need a host of escape-ready looks, from…
By Laura Lajiness

Joan Smalls’ NYFW Packing List

Ever wonder how top models stay chic and fresh throughout fashion week? Aside from their preternaturally fantastic genes, they know which essentials to pack since they’ve had literally years of practice. We tapped supermodel Joan Smalls to share…
By Lauren Eggertsen

Rachel Zoe’s Positano Packing List

You know those people who haphazardly throw a bunch of pieces into a suitcase without thinking about it and arrive at their destination without a single cohesive outfit? Our EIC is not one of those people. In hopes of gleaning a little insight into…
By Nicky Deam

Mastering The Art Of Packing A Carry-On

Since everything Jenni Kayne touches turns to chic, we wanted to know how on earth she manages to travel from Los Angeles to New York City with only carry-on luggage? Given that she’s a fashion designer (and owner of one of our favorite LA…
By Shannon Nash

Watch: Packing For A Winter Wedding

Heading to an out-of-town wedding this winter? Inclement weather can lead to epic delays and missing luggage so keep things simple by fitting everything you need into a carry-on. Here, our checklist for a multifunctional weekend wardrobe that…
By Nicky Deam

Take The Drama Out Of Packing Your Skincare Essentials

You know the deal. You’re packing for a holiday getaway and want to either a.) make sure all your lotions and serums adhere to the FAA’s fluid-ounce restrictions so you can just travel with a carry-on or b.) fit your entire skincare regime into one…
By Stephanie Montes

Packing For A Trip? Watch This First

Heading to visit friends and family over the holiday break? Chances are you don’t want to spend most of the trip at baggage claim. Follow our tips to pack a versatile carry-on that will take you from door-to-door in style.
By Nicky Deam

Margo and Me Inspires Our Vacation Packing List

Heading somewhere sunny over the holiday break? Take a cue from super-stylish Jenny Bernheim of the blog Margo and Me and stock your suitcase with beautiful bikinis, chic coverups and stylish sandals. Here, she shares the pieces she chose for a…
By Nicky Deam

Travel Essentials: Margo And Me’s Paris Packing List

The City of Light (a.k.a. Instagram heaven, a.k.a. Paris) is the ultimate chic weekend getaway and always a recipe for romance. Today Jenny Bernheim from the blog Margo And Me shares some snaps and packing tips from her recent trip to the European…
By Megan Gustashaw

Festival Packing List: Always Judging’s Courtney Trop

Today, the ultra-stunning L.A. blogger Courtney Trop of Always Judging shares her no-fuss wardrobe picks for Coachella, plus, her ingredients for the perfect festival survival kit. “My plans for Coachella are super simple. I’ll be doing nothing…
By Megan Gustashaw

Travel Essentials: Sam Hutchinson’s Morocco Packing List

A magical spring break destination if there ever was one, Morocco attracts stylish visitors far and wide thanks to its vibrant markets, beautiful beaches and delicious food. Today, Sam Hutchinson of the blog Could I Have That? shares her packing…
By Megan Gustashaw

Travel Essentials: Kat Tanita’s Africa Packing List

Kat Tanita, the ultra-chic blogger behind With Love From Kat, shares a few snapshots from her current travels to the island of Mauritius along with the must-have items she packed for the trip. From a festive fringe bikini and do-it-all printed scarf…
By Megan Gustashaw

What Team Zoe Is Packing For SXSW

With blue skies in the forecast and a killer lineup of music on the schedule, we’ve got the packing list you’ll need if your travel plans include going to Austin for South By Southwest. The SXSW festival is known for its fabulous display of fashion…
By Shannon Nash

Our Handbag Packing List

If there’s one thing that’ll ruin a gorgeous winter bag, it’s a messy, accident-prone mess on the inside. Make sure your new-season splurge is chic inside and out with these 9 essential buys.
By The Zoe Report

Rachel’s NYFW Packing List

In honor of the start of New York Fashion Week, our best-dressed boss shares her fashion month packing list. Heading to the Big Apple or to another city this fall? Pick up a version of these key pieces and you’ll look maj from day to night…
By The Zoe Report

Laura Brown of Harper’s BAZAAR Shares Her Packing List

By The Zoe Report

Laura Brown Of Harper’s BAZAAR Shares Her Packing List

Up this week in our summer travel series is one of the fashion world’s most elite editors, Laura Brown of Harper’s BAZAAR! See which of-the-moment items made the cut for her packing list.
By The Zoe Report

Editor’s Packing List

Lo and behold, New York Fashion Week is here! Kicking off a week’s worth of exclusive, fun features, we are giving you an insider’s peek today at what we packed for the frenetic journey. Taking into consideration all things from cutting-edge…
By The Zoe Report