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5 Subtle Ways To Pull Off The Neon Trend Everyone Will Be Wearing Soon

When dropping temperatures and drab winter weather begin to rear their heads, it's an instinct to reach for tried-and-true cold-weather staples in muted hues like grey, black, navy, and cream. While there's nothing wrong with donning a classic…
By Danielle Combs

Why Neon Lingerie Is The Trend To Try

It's easy to spot trends when it comes to shoes, bags, or sunglasses; just take a scroll through the latest runway shows or your Instagram feed. The lingerie trend cycle, however, can be more of a challenge to pin down. Often, you can't really see…
By Aemilia Madden

6 Ways Team Zoe Wears Neon Makeup

Feeling intrigued by neon makeup but are clueless as to how to pull it off? 6 Team Zoe staffers tested out the coolest electric hues on the market to show you how to successfully wear this new beauty trend for evening and off-duty outings. Punchy…
By Jennifer Ash

Neon Matte Lipstick, Done Right

Created to fit the “Life is a party” theme of Diane von Furstenberg’s fall 2013 show, this neon pink lipstick look is perfect for summer weddings and parties.
By The Zoe Report

Essie’s Neon Nail Polish is Pedicure Perfection

Essie’s new neon nail polish collection was inspired by the nightlife scene but quite frankly, we love the idea of wearing the ultra-bright shades with summer’s luxe flat (and almost flat) sandals. Click through to see the six new Essie colors, in…
By Megan Gustashaw

In Need Of Neon

No matter if your style is sophisticated, edgy or somewhere in between, you can always count on bold accessorizing to take your look to the next level. In a dream designer scenario, you could put this theory into practice with a shock to the wrist…
By The Zoe Report

Neons To Need

Find us an outfit that can’t be made better with the addition of a little neon. Come spring, fluoros will be popping up left and right, so why wait to get in on the blossoming trend? Play your brightest cards now with the help of our handpicked…
By The Zoe Report

Neon Wonder

Abandoning all notions of subtlety, I am a woman who likes her jewelry to be large and loud (in most cases). Open up my treasure box—make that, boxes—and you’ll find cocktail rings, big bangles and declarative necklaces aplenty. The pieces that I am…
By The Zoe Report