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3 On-Trend Tricks For Layering Necklaces

Believe it or not, there’s a science behind layering necklaces. Your favorite pieces should be piled strategically so that the outcome is chic and stylish, instead of messy, mismatched and tangled. Need a little help? Reference these must-try tips…
By Jennifer Ash

Desert Do: Festival-Friendly Necklaces

Elevate the snoozy look of a basic tee with Roarke’s festival-friendly necklaces, which mimic the off-duty nature of a neck scarf decked in seriously glam detailing! Available in a handful of haute patterns, beading and embellishments, Roarke’s…
By Jennifer Ash

Dream Buy: Dylanlex Necklaces

From hand bracelets to ear jackets, there’s no denying that bold, statement-making jewelry is having a moment right now. The latest underground brand to make us swoon with its insane-beautiful creations: Drew Ginsburg’s Dylanlex. Ginsburg first…
By Megan Gustashaw

Styling Challenge: Statement Necklaces

An easy way to add instant intrigue to any look, a statement necklace can be styled in a variety of ways for any occasion – day or night! Whether paired with your favorite little black dress for a cocktail soiree, jeans and a t-shirt for errands…
By The Zoe Report

Trend To Try: Leather Necklaces

Whether your style is overtly girly or a little bit punk, the addition of a fabulous leather necklace is a trendy way to update your jewelry box this season.
By The Zoe Report

How To Layer Your Necklaces

Accessorizing is all about enhancing your personal style. Specifically, the jewelry you choose and how you wear it helps to define your look. For today’s story, we turned to the RZ Studio styling team for insider tips on how to layer necklaces.…
By The Zoe Report

Trend Alert: Open Collar Necklaces

No jewelry box is complete without an assortment of collar necklaces, and the latest style on our radar is of the open front variety! From Southwestern-inspired to crystal-encrusted, choose from our offering of choker styles to add a…
By The Zoe Report

Notice-Me Necklaces

You know the saying “Always take one accessory off before leaving the house”? Well, we argue: why not add a collar necklace prior to walking out the door? Whether you prefer to rock a colorful statement piece or a sleek gold variation, our top picks…
By The Zoe Report

Delicate Necklaces

My sister just graduated college, so for Christmas this year I want to give her a really special piece of jewelry, particularly a necklace. I am looking for something delicate that she can wear every day and layer with her nameplate necklace (which…
By The Zoe Report