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Weird Beauty Treatments Celebrities Swear By

Beauty treatments aren’t always so beautiful, and we’ve done some pretty bizarre things in the name of a sculpted, flawless appearance. From vampire facials to body wraps where we’ve been wrapped like a burrito, we’ve tried it all—and we’re not the…
By Jaclyn Smock

The Weirdest Beauty Treatments We’ve Ever Tried

There’s nothing wrong with a Swedish massage or a classic facial, but might we suggest something a little more intriguing? We polled our editors to find out the weirdest spa treatments they’ve tried—that are actually worth it. See what they said,…
By Allie Flinn

5 DIY Coffee Beauty Treatments You Need To Try

Today’s National Coffee Day, and although that may seem like every day for a lot of us, we’re honoring the caffeine-happy moment with beauty treatments, of course. Here, we’ve got five easy coffee-infused recipes that will give your skin and hair a…
By Andrea Marie

TZR Breaking Beauty Award Winners: Hair Treatments

Best Drugstore Hair Treatment Best Mid-Price Hair Treatment Best Luxury Hair Treatment
By The Zoe Report

4 Celebrity Beauty Treatments You Can Actually Afford

It’s easy to write off the wellness and clean beauty trends as too expensive or only available to the celebrity set. While A-listers undoubtedly have the most luxe treatments in the world at their fingertips, that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in…
By Stephanie Montes

Two Game-Changing Beauty Treatments To Try This Weekend

There are some beauty products that you can buy, then there are some that are just much more fun to DIY. This weekend, relax with a little at-home project that will keep you looking and feeling your best for weeks to come. Ahead, our recipes for a…
By Stephanie Montes

10-Minute Beauty Treatments That Actually Work

Unless you’re a total beauty junkie, you’re probably not into spending hours enduring endless beauty treatments. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time. The good news is that you don’t have to have a dedicated schedule for all of your beauty needs:…
By Andrea Marie

Beauty Treatments That Can Go Really Wrong

The whole point is to come away looking and feeling amazing, right? But some beauty treatments, much as we love them, require a little more lead time (and room for error) than others. Imagine going in for an appointment—especially in preparation for…
By Stephanie Montes

DIY Beauty Treatments Editors Swear By

Whether you’re trying to conserve cash or simply don’t have time to hit the salon, at-home beauty treatments can be a major save—assuming you have the right tools. We tapped our editors to get the 411 on all things DIY—from waxing to hair color to…
By Shannon Nash

Secret In-Flight Beauty Treatments Every Fashion Girl Swears By

Why is it that we feel like the walking dead when getting off a flight but celebrities and models breeze of a plane looking red-carpet ready? Hint: It’s all in the secret in-flight beauty treatments. Here, find out how fashion girls turn an airplane…
By Stephanie Montes

Celeb-Approved Red-Carpet Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

It’s red-carpet season in LA, which means everyone from film stars to TV actors to musicians are booking appointments to ensure they’re looking picture-perfect for their upcoming appearances. Feeling a bit envious (or even better, inspired)? Take…
By Stephanie Montes