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The Most Innovative Beauty Tools Of 2018

You may be privy to all the latest tips and tricks, and you may invest in the most expensive products, but unless you have the most innovative beauty tools on the market, you’re unlikely to achieve the best results possible. So to make sure your…
By Stephanie Montes

TZR Breaking Beauty Award Winners: Hair Tools

Best Drugstore Hair Tool Best Mid-Price Hair Tool Best Luxury Hair Tool
By The Zoe Report

The Best Beauty Tools That Changed Our Lives In 2016

Dear 2016, thanks for the (mostly) good times and even better beauty innovations. We’re remembering you in the best way we know how—by compiling a comprehensive list of our favorite hair, makeup and skincare devices that launched this year. Fellow…
By Stephanie Montes

13 Life-Changing Beauty Tools You Never Knew You Needed

In this age of technology it sometimes seems like we never know what the next new product craze will bring. As far as beauty products are concerned we’ve seen the weird, the helpful and the unnecessary as the years have come and gone. However, there…
By Andrea Marie

12 Weird Beauty Tools You Need ASAP

You know it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover but we admit it: That’s exactly what we did with these 12 bizarre-looking beauty buys. With their odd shapes and unconventional facades, these obscure tools are actually super effective and…
By Stephanie Montes

10 Game-Changing Tools That Make Your Beauty Routine So Much Better

Every girl has one great love in her life—for a beauty junkie, it’s her favorite makeup, skincare or hair tool. If you’re searching for your next soul mate, look no further than these 10 vanity staples. From the mirror of your dreams to a…
By Stephanie Montes

The Right Way To Clean All Your Beauty Tools

You might know how to wash your makeup brushes but trust us, you’re using plenty of other tools that grow just as much bacteria. From your facial-cleansing device to your blow-dryer, these beauty staples also need the occasional scrub session and…
By Stephanie Montes

8 Weird Beauty Tools We Love (And That Work)

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but when we saw these outrageous beauty tools, we have to admit we did just that. Well, we regret it because these beauty buys may look bizarre, but the results they bring are anything but. From…
By Stephanie Montes