This TikTok-Approved Eyeshadow Trend Is Exactly What Your Everyday Look Is Missing

Kelly Defina/WireImage/Getty Images
There are a variety of eyeshadow trends sweeping TikTok, most of which. are colorful.

After 2020, you will never yawn at eye makeup again. Without throwing shade at the neutral eyeshadow palettes that have propelled you through your everyday, there have been far too many creative endeavors with eye makeup this year for you to ever go back to your reliable pigments. There's no shortage of inspiration, and with an additional list of the best TikTok eyeshadow ideas, you'll quickly be replacing your boring taupe shades with neon palettes and adhesive gemstones.

If you’ve simply stood from afar, passively watching the stitched-together (oftentimes confusing) video compilations that occasionally pop up on your other social feeds, you’re not alone. TikTok is an entirely different world in comparison, and this translates into beauty trends, too.

While there is some crossover, there are a few trends that are especially popular on TikTok alone. And, to be honest, whether you’ve crafted your own #10SecondsVs video or haven’t even downloaded the app, you don't have to necessarily understand the site to get that the looks from there are top-notch.

Up ahead, see the best eyeshadow ideas to come from the app, and get inspired to revive your own everyday makeup looks.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Bedazzled Lids

Gemstones, sparkles, stickers — you name it and someone has found a way to incorporate it into their eyeshadow on TikTok. Currently sweeping through most of the makeup-themed hashtags are looks with some kind of dazzling, glued-on component. Users have taken to pasting on jewels in unique patterns or dotting their entire lids with glittering bits.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Hot Pink Eyeshadow

You've seen pink hair everywhere on Instagram, but this trend has slid its way down to the eyes on TikTok. Pink can be a difficult hue to pull off, but the number of videos featuring it makes a good case for why it should join your collection. According to most mini tutorials, the key is keeping the rest of your makeup super subdued.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Euphoria-Inspired Looks

There are few things that have completely taken TikTok by storm like Euphoria has. Thanks to the show's fresh take on makeup, it set off a domino effect of makeup arists and vloggers dreaming up their own ethereal looks. With things like the aptly titled Euphoria Challenge, there are numerous glittery pastel eyeliners and eyeshadows and unique geometric shapes that could easily find a place in the series.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Neon Everything

You'll be hard-pressed to find neutral, basic looks on TikTok. While the original beauty tutorial platform (hey, YouTube) had an excess of basic looks, everyday eyeshadows, and warm smoky eyes, these creators are reworking what the idea of "go-to" means when it comes to your lids. Neon is no longer cast aside as a once-in-a-lifetime or special occasion choice; instead, it has found its way into easy daily routines of users and celebrities alike.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Shades Of Blue

Blue eyeshadow has lived with a reputation of being tacky and obnoxious for far too long. But now, things are changing, and users are showing how easy it is to use this color to your advantage. This ranges from simple wavy lines to a full coat of the shade painted from lashline to brow.

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Sunset Eyes

Orange may not be a color you consider until fall rolls around, but in TikTok's case, creators keep using different bright shades of the hue to create sunset-like finishes. A mix of hot pink and highlighter yellow are also popular colors often combined with neon orange. While it fits into the new season, who could say no to carrying on this tropical vibe deep into the colder months?

Best TikTok Eyeshadow Ideas: Tri-Colored Looks

Not one or two, but three seems to be the magic number when it comes to the selection of eyeshadows content creators opt for. It's easy to come across dramatic, poppy retro variations like this one, but it's just as simple to find winged liner that incorporates a trio of different hues. No matter the shape or style of your eyeshadow, three colors can easily help jazz it up.