7 Holiday 2019 Nail Polish Colors That Are *Actually* Unexpected

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Nearly every nail polish brand, from Essie to Orly to OPI, released a holiday collection for 2019 that involved a gold or silver shade. They were all beautiful, of course — it's hard to go wrong with a shimmery classic like that — but chances are, thanks to their ubiquity this time of year, you probably already own (and might already be wearing) those festive shades. If that's the case, it's likely you're ready for a new holiday nail polish color to try that's unexpected (but will still work with all of your holiday 'fits, of course).

Should that be so, you're in luck — because those same brands also created plenty of colors that don't involve red or gold to help you switch things up this season. Whether that means trading your glittering silver for a pretty baby blue or swapping your go-to rouge for metallic pink, it'll add an unexpected element to any party look that's hard to achieve with traditional holiday shades. And since these hues aren't quite so seasonal, they'll transition easily into other times of the year (aka you'll get more bang for your buck).

So keep scrolling for five colors you should try this season (and where to shop them) — after seeing these, you might just want to ditch your classic holiday nail polish shades for good.

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