How to Make Your Shoes The Star Of Any Outfit

Your shoes may be the last thing you put on before you leave the house, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be the center of attention. With a couple strategic styling tricks, you can give your shoes the spotlight they deserve. We paired with SOREL to style five fall outfits that will help you to seriously put your best foot forward.

A super-cute ankle boot can stand out even more when paired with a cropped trouser, and a scrunched, patterned sock will add trend-forward flair to a pair of lace-up boots. Plus, asymmetric silhouettes and strategic color-blocking can work wonders on many levels.

Read on to find out how to elevate your autumn look from the ground up.

Pairing cropped corduroys with athleisure-inspired lace-up booties makes your ankles the perfect spotlight for your footwear.

Leave the tops of your socks scrunched above your boots to turn a simple layer into an attention-grabbing part of your look.

An asymmetrical midi skirt basically works like an arrow, drawing all eyes down to your sweet shoes.

Treat your color-blocking like a sandwich: pair the same hue on top and bottom, and each layer will stand out even more.

When you wear head-to-ankle black, your pretty pebble-colored boots do all the talking for you.