As the non-stop hustle of Fashion Month finally comes to a close, it's a good time to appreciate the people who make the whole machine run. If you ever get a behind-the-scenes look into one of the shows, you'll find that a frantic and pointed energy lies at the heartbeat of it all, and that at the center of this magic are fashion-world pros who are making things happen: designers, makeup artists, stylists, editors, and countless other taste-makers.

We've partnered with Levi's® to talk to some of the industry's top creatives — makeup artist Nikki DeRoest, editor Julie Schott, and stylist Siena Montesano — about how they dress to tackle the busiest month of their year.

Whether they're backstage glossing lips, front row reporting on trends, or working with designers to put the finishing touch on a look, these style insiders are constantly on the move. Their wardrobes need to keep up, which is why denim is consistently on heavy rotation.

Below, find out how these experts style the timeless, super-wearable staple while powering through Fashion Month.

Nikki DeRoest, Celebrity Makeup Artist

You know her as: A beauty pro who's worked with famous faces such as Rachel Zoe and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

On her typical Fashion Month...

"As a makeup artist, I am typically spending most of my time behind the scenes. My days range from house calls and backstage artistry to attending shows, and also some evening parties and events."

"I used to go to all shows in all cities when I was a bit younger, but now I am a little more selective about where I go and what I’m doing. It's a no-joke hustle!"

On being part of a larger vision...

"I love nothing more than doing makeup for a show and then seeing the girls going down the runway at the end. It makes me feel that much more connected to the designer, the models, and the end result."

On personal style...

"I honestly start packing with my Levi's®. From there, I pack my favorite silk blouses, which I love working in because I feel like mixing them with denim gives the perfect amount of style and professionalism — but I also don’t look too done. I [also] love a good pair of designer shoes and a fun handbag, so I bring options of those as well for different occasions. I just make sure I am mindful of what the show vibe is or client that I’m seeing, so I can dress accordingly."

Julie Schott, Writer and Creative Consultant

You know her as: A veteran beauty editor and creative consultant, currently contributing to some of the industry's premiere fashion publications

On her typical Fashion Month...

"It really varies season to season. One season I went undercover in London as a hair stylist (and made a complete mess of a model's hair), so I think I’ll just stick to writing! In New York, I average three to four shows a day."

On the joys and challenges she's seen BTS...

"My favorite part is the traveling circus backstage. It’s a community of incredibly talented, hard-working people that I’m lucky to be a part of."

"I started about 10 years ago when casting was still very homogeneous — and while that’s begun to change in recent years, there’s more work to do. No model should have to do her own hair before a show or walk a runway feeling unpolished because some hair stylists aren’t properly trained to style all textures."

On personal style...

"I turn to denim when I want to look a bit more put-together, especially in an office setting. That might sound counter-intuitive, but it's now somewhat of a signature because I find comfortable pieces make me more productive than constrictive clothing. Denim with a bodysuit and a heel or boot — that's my uniform."

Siena Montesano, Stylist

You know her as: An innovator who's dressing some of your favorite names in the music and fashion world, from The Chainsmokers to Lorde to Karlie Kloss

On her typical Fashion Month...

"This year is actually the first year I’ve participated in Fashion Month [as a stylist]. I typically work with people in the music industry, which doesn’t permit a lot of free dates for attending events over their tour schedules."

"Before getting into styling, I interned at several large brands in public relations. I think [Fashion Month] has changed immensely over the years. Not only is there a packed schedule of shows daily, but there is now a crazy number of events, parties, and press circulating around each show."

On collaborating with her clients...

"I think the best part about Fashion Month is that there are so many different shows and events happening, with different attires and themes. It’s really about collaborating with a client and finding something that we both love and can’t wait to see in a photo. I’d say my biggest challenge is making sure all the other elements after the fittings are done: accessorizing, tailoring, hair and makeup."

On personal style...

"Comfort is my number one factor in styling. I love that you can get a new pair of stiff Levi’s® jeans, and as you wear them more and more, your jeans sort of mold and shape to your body’s desire."

"My style off-duty is pretty similar to my daily work attire. If I’m going out to dinner or drinks in the evening, I’ll spice things up a bit — maybe I’d throw on cool heeled bootie and a sheer top with skinny jeans and a jacket."

Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Art Direction: Diana Weisman; Styling: Jenna Wexler; Hair: Marcos Diaz; Makeup: Brett Jackson; Editor: Elly Ayres; Production: Lucy Haller, Nancy Valev

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