Try Not To Be Blinded By This Swarovski Heiress’ Stunning Bridal Gown


When your family is a leading producer of crystals—oh, and your husband-to-be happens to be a successful property investor—it’s hard to imaging your wedding dress as anything less than show-stopping. So it came as no surprise when Victoria Swarovski (a well known Austrian singer in her own right) positively sparkled at her Trieste, Italy nuptials last weekend. Reportedly worth over $1 million, the Michael Cinco creation was tricked out with 500,000 crystals and a train that stretched an impressive 26 feet. But that dress wasn’t the only dazzler durning the three-day-long festivities: Victoria’s red welcome dinner dress—also a custom design of Cinco’s—was equally embellished with her family’s bling. With this wedding wardrobe, Swarovski pretty much achieved princess status—which makes sense since she is crystal royalty.

Homepage Image: @michael5inco