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4 TZR Contributors Share Their Summer Vacation Essentials

By Michelle Guerrere

Just thinking about strappy sandals and salt sprays is enough to get into a vacation mindset. Paint your nails a coral-y sorbet, mist your waves with some dry texturizer, and you’re sipping a mojito on the sand… even if you’re still at home. That’s the beauty of summer holiday must-haves: They give you that OOO feeling anytime, anywhere. In partnership with Sexy Hair, we asked four TZR contributors to share the top essentials on their summer getaway packing lists — so you can get prepared in style, no matter your final destination.

“I like to ditch hot tools on vacation and embrace my natural hair texture (semi-straight with a little bend). I recently tried Sexy Hair Surfer Girl Dry Texturizing Spray, and I'm obsessed with how it enhances my waves. A quick mist instantly volumizes and creates that perfectly imperfect piece-y look.”

“When I was young, I made the mistake of thinking burned was beautiful, and I would lay in the sun totally unprotected — results were as expected. Now, my priority is keeping my skin healthy, so the first thing I do before I walk out the door is layer on a high SPF.”

“One thing I've learned when traveling is that you never know what you’ll end up needing. To be safe, I always bring at least one tote with me that I can throw all my necessities into, whether I'm going on a day-long excursion or just spending a few hours on the beach. Plus, if I do a little souvenir shopping, I can put them in my tote instead of having to carry around additional bags.”

“I will check a bag just to bring a shimmering body oil with me on vacation. There's something so quintessentially beachy about having a bronzy glimmer from head to toe. The warm gourmand scent, the gold flecks of light — I want it all. Plus, it makes my skin look so glow-y in photos.”