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2019’s Best Fashion Collaboration Is Almost Here — Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before It Drops

By Oona Kyung

It’s difficult to remember a time before Giambattista Valli’s multi-tiered tulle gown. Though there were certainly early iterations of the dress that ultimately flooded our Insta feeds, it was the Spring 2016 Couture collection that launched the label to overnight cult status. Rihanna’s approval sealed the deal when she wore a similar, softer version of it to a premiere later that year. It was a refreshing turning point in the decade, marking a much-needed embrace of utter flamboyancy. With the decade coming to a close, it feels especially fitting that the prolific designer has teamed up with H&M in what is certainly the most anticipated fashion collaboration of the year.

The Making Of Giambattista Valli’s Iconic Silhouette

Often described as elusive, part of Giambattista Valli’s allure is his proclivity for privacy, explaining, “My work speaks for itself... I like to think of myself as an accomplice to some special moments.” The Italian-born designer spent his early years musing over the fashion sketches of Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, inspiring him to enroll in design school. Through his studies and apprenticeships, Valli actualized his predilection for the silhouette rather than pure embellishment — a theme we see throughout his long-awaited collaboration with H&M. “I aim at creating a distinctive silhouette because a silhouette will pierce the memory,” Valli says. “Decoration, on the other hand, is just a souvenir that fades away quickly.”

The Design Ethos

Extending beyond just the purely sculptural aspect of his designs, Valli’s work is remarkably approachable; timeless, ageless, and effortless. Constantly looking to outdo himself, Valli focuses on clothing for the years rather than for seasons; finding the intersection between casual and couture. Giambattista Valli as a label embodies a restrained extravagance that few designers are able to execute in an age of fleeting sincerity and celebrated pretension.

Giambattista Valli's Collection For H&M

Giambattista Valli’s collaboration with H&M covers it all with traces of Valli’s muses with the likes of Kendall Jenner ever-present in the collection. From its quintessential multi-tiered tulle gown to outerwear that transcends beyond the confines of gendered clothing, Giambattista Valli for H&M offers us everything we’ve been dreaming about without breaking the bank. Shop the collection on hm.com November 7 at 10am EST and available in select H&M stores at 8am local time. Visit hm.com for more info on how to shop the collection.