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12 Hours of Style With L.A. Local (& Contributing Editor) Nicky Deam

by Michelle Guerrere

As most city girls find, life changes at a moment’s notice — or a ding of a calendar notification — meaning you need a style uniform that can work for every spontaneous moment. We tapped The Zoe Report Contributing Editor Nicky Deam for the key pieces she relies on everywhere she goes, from press previews and photo shoots to impromptu friend dates.

Each engagement calls for on-point looks from Deam, who turns to her favorite muses when pulling together each day’s look. “I'm most inspired by women who look strong and unapologetic — and by a '70s color palette,” she says.

Deam curates her own style with the same spirit, though she never compromises on two things: “I always try to dress in a way that is both comfortable and reflects my individual style,” she says. The L.A.-based creative relies on pieces that do both, which is why she’s showing us how she wears flexible staples like Allbirds Tree Breezers flats to move through every twist and turn of her busy calendar.

8:30AM: Coffee Downtown Before Checking On Product Samples at Barrineau HQ

Deam’s first look takes her from morning coffee to Barrineau headquarters, where she’ll select the next samples for her sustainable bag line. For this, Deam reaches for an ultra-soft sweatshirt, effortlessly stylish and comfortable Tree Breezers flats, and high-waisted pants in a summer-ready motif. “I like to add some interest to that formula by way of printed pants and graphic sweatshirts so it feels fresh,” says Deam.

Because her Tree Breezers flats are crafted from sustainable eucalyptus tree fibers, they align with the eco-conscious values of her bag line, too. “I’m more inclined to support a brand like Allbirds, which focuses on sustainability,” she explains. “I try to choose pieces that are thoughtfully constructed and made to last, which helps me limit any excess consumption.”

After finishing up at Barrineau, Dean heads home to prep for a hectic day of client work and industry events. With a packed schedule ahead, managing her stress levels is essential. Her favorite stress-fighting strategy? Queuing up a few surfing videos in the background. “I find them really calming,” says Deam, whose go-to workday playlists spin everything from piano concertos and reggae to surf rock.

1:00PM: Pulling Inspiration For A Client’s Upcoming Fall Campaign

When pulling moodboard inspiration for an upcoming campaign, Deam’s in chic, unfussy pieces like monochromatic separates and her flexible Allbirds Tree Breezers. “Whenever I'm wearing neutrals, I look for texture and unique fabrics,” says Deam. “I'm currently obsessed with crochet and love it rendered in modern, less ‘hippie’ silhouettes. The Allbirds flats are the perfect complement to this set, continuing the textural theme while adding a touch of polish.”

Deam’s signature style is minimal but peppered with thoughtful touches. Eye-catching extras, like the seamless finish on her flats, show it’s all in the details. “Having lived in New York for so long,” she says, “I’ve always gravitated towards wearable footwear, typically flats. I opt for styles that are versatile and well-made, like my Allbirds Tree Breezers.” A pair of Tree Breezers perfectly complements her refined look, marrying understated fashion with hard-working function.

7:00pm: Store Opening For An Emerging Designer

The busy summer season brings an influx of event invites, which call for strong looks that stand out. Here, Deam pairs an elevated bohéme dress with her cozy Allbirds ballet flats.

For tonight’s store opening, Deam gravitates toward a breezy maxi dress with an on-trend twist. “Any dress with a puffed sleeve is on my list for this season,” says Deam. “I love the unabashed femininity of it. This body-skimming dress in a retro-inspired print is an unexpectedly alluring style for evening.” To elevate her outfit for dinner with friends, Deam switches up her accessories and is ready to go.

Whether Deam’s dreaming up looks for her next shoot, supporting a friend’s creative venture, or meeting up for mezcal margaritas after a hectic day, her Allbirds Tree Breezers take her everywhere she needs to be – without missing a beat.